Laughing Buddha Statue wood caricature BW1901
Laughing Buddha Statue wood caricature Flagship BW1901
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Laughing Buddha Statue wood caricature Flagship BW1901


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Buddha Statuette Outdoors handmade from natural boxwood. His big smile is sure to bring lightness and peace into your home.

The Laughing Buddha is undoubtedly the most well-known Buddhist personality in the West. He represents the joy of living and wealth. 

  • Materials : Natural Boxwood
  • Dimensions : H 6.2 or 5cm, W 5 or 4cm, D 6 or 4.5cm
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Buddha quote : Simplicity brings more happiness than complexity.

Is it your priority to add tranquility to your home or prove your point? Then what are you waiting for to pick up our Laughing Buddha Statue Wooden Cartoon

Let’s face it, the Buddha figurines are highlighted in the world of Zen decor . Buddhist art is moving into our living rooms and becoming a way of life in its own right.

Get a statue of a Chinese Buddha head in the traditional style gold color or a decoration of the Buddha sitting Shakyamuni meditation on a lotus flower hand carved in solid wood, the possibilities are limitless to create a Zen atmosphere, calm and Feng Shui!

By acquiring our Statue Laughing Buddha caricature wood, you shoulder the fair trade and contribute to the conservation of ancestral practices Buddhist! We only work with confirmed and renowned craftsmen to certify the quality of our Buddha statues.

The satisfaction of our customers is our aspiration , we have selected Buddhist sculptors throughout Asia, including Tibetan, Thai, Indian or even Chinese and a Japanese to present this Laughing Buddha Statue wood caricature .

Our Buddha statuettes are handmade in different as Buddha decorations in solid wood, exotic wood or teak wood through the Buddha in stone, terracotta, ceramic, metal, bronze, cast iron, copper or resin Buddha.

Statue Laughing Buddha cartoon wood , an attitude with many meanings, an awesome Zen decoration!”

There are a large amount of different postures and Buddhas in Buddhism and they all have their stories. We have chosen to highlight the most symbolic gestures and mudra present in Buddhist temples in Tibet, China, Thai or Bali.

In the West, the most famous Buddha decoration is the laughing Buddha and his big belly but our will is also to show you the Buddhist culture as a whole . 

In addition to Laughing Buddha Statue wood caricature , we thus propose Buddha decorations in the image of the greatest personalities of Buddhism such as the Bodhisattva Guan Yin or Avalokiteshvara but also the Gautama Buddha or the Buddha of Nirvana who reaches enlightenment, the great Buddha Amitabha, Maitreya or the most common object of decoration , the Buddhist monk .

We also market Buddha decorations in different postures.
Sitting position, right hand gesture raised, left hand with palm reversed or Buddha lying down. In the lotus position meditating, our Buddha decorations honor the Ethnic craftsmanship of a Buddhist temple.

Buy a Laughing Buddha Statue cartoon wood , is to build a lucky altar, is to have a Zen decoration.

Beyond beliefs, to own a Buddha sculpture, no matter the positions, small ornamental Buddha or a Zen Buddha in the vegetation of a Zen garden is to love to have an interior decoration filled with zenitude!