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The Buddha Statue is a place reserved for those who have faith in Buddhism. We are #1 The Siddhartha Apparel & Collectibles. 

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 About Original Handmade Buddha Statues Store

We are pleased to welcome you, who have reverence for the Buddha. In the traditions of Asian countries in general, the veneration of gods and deities has been a custom for thousands of years. This is not superstition but has great educational significance in it. Each image of a Siddhartha is associated with the name of that Siddhartha. The name and form of Siddhartha and Bodhisattva represent education.Our store was opened with the desire to bring Buddhist publications such as sculptures, paintings, Worship items, bracelets and high quality products to serve people in need all over the world. world.

With a wide variety of goods, our website is presented as an online Buddhist supermarket, with almost every category that meets the needs of buying sculptures, buying worship items, or any spiritual products, any Buddhist publication.

Quality products at quality sculpture Store!

At Store, we keep in mind that each product delivered to you is an item to extend a good relationship with everyone, so that each person receiving the product will feel happy and satisfied. Therefore, we always choose products with good quality, high durability, suitable form and are carefully tested before shipping to customers.

With a dedicated service team and responsible for our work, we always listen to the instructions of customers near and far so that we can work in accordance with the law, bringing benefits to many people. people.

Customers if you are having problems with your delivery? Is your product late or damaged? Do you have any problems with payment? In any case, please contact us at email

Mission of Our Inspirational Store!

Our mission is to create the most favorable conditions possible for Buddhists without them having to search as much as before. We are committed that customer satisfaction always comes first, treat our customers with the utmost respect and provide them with the highest quality of service they deserve. Our customer support department is always available to assist customers with any questions that may arise.

Wishing customers near and far to choose the items they like and feel satisfied when buying at the Store. Amitabha!

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