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Top 5 Best-Selling Buddha Statues To Inspire You

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The Buddha is a symbol of peace and enlightenment, and many people are looking to Buddha statues as a way to find peace, happiness, and success in their lives. The Buddha Statue Shop is one of the best niche statue stores. It offers a wide range of Buddha statues, in various sizes and styles. We have listed the top five most popular Buddha statues to inspire you. These beautiful statues offer a great opportunity to embrace the present moment and let go of any worries or concerns.

1. Buddha Sculpture Green Resin Handmade Buddhism Hindu

Buddha Statue Thailand Buddha Sculpture Green Resin Hand Made Buddhism Hindu Fengshui Figurine Meditation Home Decoration Handmade
There is an ancient Buddha sculpture made of green resin and hand-carved in the style of Buddhist Hinduism. The Buddha sculpture is an intricate piece of art that depicts a seated Buddha with his hands folded in a gesture of meditation. The Buddha statue comes in 3 sizes so that you can choose the perfect one to decorate your house. The Buddha sculpture is a symbol of the power of meditation.
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2. Buddha Statue Wood Craft Thailand Sakyamuni Buddah

Buddha Statue Wood Craft Thailand Sakyamuni Buddah Statue
Buddha statues are often used as a focal point for Buddhist ceremonies, but they are also widely sold in Thailand’s markets and temples. Making this Buddha statue is a time-consuming process that involves carving the statue out of wood and then painting it with many layers of paint. The Buddha statue is often made to be a work of art, with the person making the statue taking great care to make sure that it is perfectly detailed. However, it is important to note that the Buddha statue is not meant to be worshipped.
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3. Seated Shakyamuni Resin Bronze Buddha Statue

Seated Shakyamuni Resin Bronze Buddha Statue
The Seated Shakyamuni Resin Bronze Buddha Statue is another piece of artwork that is worth checking out. The statue is a beautiful depiction of the Buddha seated in a meditative pose. The statue is an excellent piece for any collector or anyone who loves Buddha statues. This Buddha statue makes a perfect decoration for your home or yoga studio on a shelf, mantle, or tabletop surface. This seated statue will create a peaceful atmosphere for your house.
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4. Flower pot Buddha Earthenware Flagship

Flower pot Buddha  Earthenware BW1901
The Flower Pot Buddha Earthenware Flagship is a flower pot that is handcrafted in Thailand. The flower pot is shaped like a large teacup which is made of a type of clay called “thung yai”. It allows water and air to circulate easily thus allowing the roots to breathe well. Use this Flower Pot Buddha to grow your plants and it will become a child’s play. Nowadays, the Flower Pot Buddha Earthenware Flagship is being used as a decorative piece in homes and restaurants.
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5. Buddha statue Sakyamuni face Flagship

Buddha statue Sakyamuni face BW1901
If you are looking for the best Buddha Face statue, then look no further than our Buddha statue Shakyamuni face Flagship. The Buddha statue comes in a special mahogany color that is suitable to display in the living room, office or bedroom to bring peace. He is the spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism. This will make a great gift for Buddha statue collector and Buddha lovers.
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