Prayer wheel Buddhist turquoise BW1901
Prayer wheel Buddhist turquoise Flagship BW1901
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Prayer wheel Buddhist turquoise Flagship BW1901


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In what way and for what reason to resort to a Buddhist Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel?

Buddhist Prayer Wheels are used by many Buddhists in the Tibet Autonomous Region every day on the roof of the world, sometimes for hours. Worshippers turn the prayer wheels to agglomerate consecrations , to strengthen all living beings and to cleanse their karma .

According to the Grand Master Dalai Lama, “For the benefit of human beings , the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas show themselves inside a turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel to purify all our corrupting karmas and confusions, and to commit us to actualize the executions of the path of enlightenment. “

Spinning a Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel with countless mantras inside is tantamount to communicating a large number of mantras, but it is done in the blink of an eye . the addition of favors is also acquired by using wind and water powered prayer wheels. As a result the wind or water in relation to the prayer wheel will be consecrated by the prayer wheel and can thus sacred everything it touches from negative karma .

Monks are constantly seen practicing their expedition equipped with prayer wheels in their hands, or during their pilgrimage, they spin a turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel in the monasteries and Buddhist centers they travel through.

With each turn of the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel, the personality whose mantra is written on it oozes out of the wheel into bodies as countless as the mantras. In this way, if there are a billion Manjushri mantras inside the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel, then a hundred expressions of Manjushri will perform with each movement of the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel and benefit the beings of the world.

Despite this, it is believed that the benefits of spinning the wheel of the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel with a watchful mind are a hundred times more qualitative than spinning it with a scattered mind.

Definition of a Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel?

A Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel is an illustration of the Buddhist processes . This tool allowed monks to multiply the number of prayers they said by hundreds.

In fact, the turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel is filled with copies of mantras such as that of Avalokiteshvara the mantra om mani padme hum. The mantra is written down on very fine tissue paper as many times as conceivable, constantly an uncountable number. The paper is wound on a spindle and covered with a protective cylinder .

In recent years , the method of microfilm has made it possible to evoke a large number , even hundreds of millions of prayers in a single turn of the wheel .

The scale of the prayer wheels varies from the modest wheel held in the hand to monumental wheel sealed in the wall of a building , such as a circular pylon . 

The wheels are designed to be turned manually, by a blast, hydraulics or a brazier. When they are part of a monument, Buddhists walk around the building clockwise and turn the wheels as they go. Thus, they enjoy the advantage of bypassing the sacred monastery and enjoy the prayers transmitted by the turquoise Buddhist prayer wheel.

The benefits of a Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheels are built in a number of sizes: they can be small and attached to a scepter a pole, and turned by hand; medium and attached in buildings or tenements, or monumental and set in perpetual motion through a water mill. Despite this the small turquoise Buddhist Hand Prayer Wheels are by far the most visible .

Simply touching and turning a turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel confers a wonderful purification and collects an extraordinary veneration . It is said that the more precepts one says , the more veneration one gains , which improves one’s opportunities to enjoy a higher incarnation and definitely reach nirvana .

Having or turning the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel is described as so important that the act is compared to hundreds of Buddhists praying until their deaths.

One of the benefits of the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel is that it embodies all the steps of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the 10 directions. For the benefit of sentient beings, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas manifest in the Prayer Wheel to sacralize all of our harmful karmas and confusions, and to lead us to actualize the realizations of the path of enlightenment.

It is believed that reciting prayers through the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel bestows everything a practitioner desires .

It is inflexibly found that swiveling the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel with reproach and guilt will help you reject the four evil deeds, the five deeds of immediate retribution, the eight evil views not to mention the ten non-virtues.

Anyone who spins the Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel during his or her life should never again be reborn with irregularities during his or her life, nor with disabilities such as blindness, deafness, mutilation or infirmity.

Types of Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheel: Mani Wheel (a hand-held prayer wheel)

Prayer Wheel: Water Wheels (turned by flowing water)

Prayer Wheel: Fire Wheel (turned by the heat of a candle or electric light)

Prayer Wheel: Wind Wheel (a kind of prayer wheel spins by wind)

Prayer Wheel: Fixed Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheel: Electric Dharma Wheels (powered by electric motors)

Spinning this Turquoise Buddhist Prayer Wheel and reciting is measured as one of the most thoughtful and beneficial actions . Most often built on the edge of stupas and monasteries , a number of Buddhist prayer wheels can be counted in the hundreds for pilgrims to spin as they pass by or as they circle the temples or stupas clockwise.

A well-known example of many prayer wheels at a single site may be the glorious Swayambhunath stupa, where many prayer wheels are set up around the huge Swayambhunath stupa. The mantra to be evoked when spinning the Buddhist prayer wheels is “OM MANI PADME HUM” or “OM MANI PEME HUNG”.