Shungite buddha statue, Buddha sculpture, EMF Protection, shungite powder figure
Shungite buddha statue, Buddha sculpture, EMF Protection, shungite powder figure Flagship ET2101

Shungite buddha statue, Buddha sculpture, EMF Protection, shungite powder figure Flagship ET2101


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Your Need Shungite If…

☺ You’re looking for a 100% Authentic Product directly from Karelia, our own production for be more energetic, younger and healthy.
☺You are around or on technology all day long.
☺ You need to detox your spirit of negativity.
Then it’s time to bring Shungite into your stone collection.

You can choose whichever types and size of product you prefer.
I also can help you with the best choice and decide what do you want.

Product overview:

The Buddha is an unusually strong spiritual symbol that protects and helps people on the path of spiritual development. In addition, it’s a symbol of prosperity, happiness and good luck. Promotes the development of wisdom and spirituality, fills life with meaning, helps to sort out our thoughts and find peace, which we sometimes lack so much.
Perfectly fits into the interior. Don’t squander the opportunity to decorate your home with it!

Height ≈ 11,4″ / 29 cm; length ≈ 4,3″ / 11 cm; width ≈ 7,9″ / 20 cm;
weight ≈ 1,5 kg / 3,3 lb.

The figurine is made of a shungite-magnesian mixture based on shungite powder. Not electrically conductive, but preserves all useful properties. Environmentally friendly. These items differs from each other. Every product is manually manufactured, so every item is absolutely unique. Displayed photo is just for example.

Why shungite will your “BEST BUY” in this year?

Firstly, shungite has a very important property — to protect from electromagnetic radiation. Obviously, everyone today is surrounded by technology and electronics (sup, iPhone). We walk around in an ocean of electromagnetic Wi-Fi waves. Shungite attenuates electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cell-phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices — meaning shungite transforms harmful manmade EMFs into wav e forms that are more compatible with our biology.
Secondly, this rock formation exists nowhere else in the world except in Karelia. But this mineral is unique not only by its place of birth. It is exceptional in composition, structure, and formation conditions.

Thirdly, natural shungite includes pyrite and quartz. Look closely. In shungite, it’s like a reminder of the Karelian pines basking in the gentle rays of the setting sun.

Fourthly, it’s a wonderful and unusual gift if you want to give not just a trinket, but memories and a sense of place, where everything is permeated by primordial energy and strength.
We tried to leave it as a real symbol of this place as if you could take Karelia with you and put it in your pocket. It is the quintessence of his homeland: authentic and distinctive.

♥ Thank you for choosing Sophy Gifts! ♥

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.