Shungite statue meditating buddha on shungite stand
Shungite statue meditating buddha on shungite stand Flagship ET2101

Shungite statue meditating buddha on shungite stand Flagship ET2101


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Shungite statue meditating buddha on shungite stand Buddha is made of pressed shungite Stand made of a solid piece of shungite Height approximately 85 mm Weight approximately 160g For EMF protection, we recommend placing shungite figures in all rooms in your house Dear buyers, please remember that this is a hand-made item and the size and weight can be slightly different. ▲▲▲ ABOUTE SHUNGITE ▲▲▲ Shungite – amazing mireral having many useful properties. But they have only one type of Shungite – mined in Karelia. Zazhoginsky shungite has a high carbon content (up to 30%), porosity, which allows to absorb the harmful substances, rich mineral composition, many of fullerenes and high energy potential. He is black, if you take it in hand, get your hands dirty as coal. If his polished, something on the surface can be found in silver or golden color “streaks”. In addition to the Karelian shungite rocks can be found even in the North Caucasus and Kazakhstan. The composition of shungite is different in different places. It depends on the amount of carbon, fullerenes and some minerals. Therefore all shungite is different. Shungite, which has healing properties, is produced in only one field – Zazhoginsky in the Republic of Karelia. Other types of shungite has a much lower performance. It is much more “pale”, sometimes even gray color. The carbon in it is small (about 5%), almost no fullerenes, very few minerals. This type of shungite does not clear the water and its products do not have the energy. Products from Karelian shungita help neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and weaken the negative impact on the human body geopathic zones. This mineral electroconductive, adsorbtion active and has a bactericidal effect.